Transitioning From Career To Franchise Entrepreneur

Let My Decades Of Franchise Experience Guide You

With more than 4,000 franchisor brands serving every industry and sector of the US market, there is a business opportunity for your entrepreneurial and personal goals – but searching through them is a mammoth task that could take years.

As a franchise consultant, it’s my job to find the best options and then support you as you research and choose the one you want. I’ve spent decades in the franchising industry, and I have access to a wealth of tools, expert analysis, metrics and industry knowledge.

I’ll guide you through the entire process, helping to minimize your risks and maximize your returns. I’ll help you find the franchise that matches your lifestyle, goals and investment criteria.

To enjoy success in franchising, you need common sense, basic business acumen and a desire to succeed. But you don’t have to have a Type A personality, a business degree or even be a subject matter expert. A reputable franchisor provides all the market knowledge and product expertise you need.

Our Process

Identify what you want from your busines

Shortlist of suitable opportunities

Coaching, research and due diligence

Choosing the best brand for you

Launching your business

Not All Franchises Are the Same

As the franchisee, you are the owner responsible for operating your business. And there are three franchise models to choose from.

Owner-Operator Franchises

As the name suggests, you would be involved in every aspect of the business and directly supervise everything from employees to quality control. This usually requires 40+ hours of owner involvement per week for the first year or two or until you have competent employees and processes. Then you can begin gradually reducing your time commitment.

Semi-absentee Franchises

As a semi-absentee owner, you would operate your business on a part-time basis allowing you to maintain a corporate job or enjoy semi-retirement. Daily operations are in the hands of a manager with whom you would communicate regularly.

Most semi-absentee franchise models require five to 20 hours of the owner’s time per week.

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Executive/Passive Franchises

Although these owners are involved in their business most days, they focus on performance and planning, leaving the front-line day-to-day operations in the hands of a manager and team.

Executive model franchises tend to be expensive, usually well over $1 million. The ROI is generally not as attractive as other models and there are far fewer of these types of franchises to choose from.

Puts You Ahead of People Who Apply Directly Because Franchisors Know Our Candidates Are Interested, Qualified and Ready.

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