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Franchise Ownership

“If you’re asking yourself ‘Could I possibly find the freedom I crave
AND reach my financial goals?’ 
The answer is yes. The magic is in the strategy, and that’s what I provide.”

-Bob Bernotas

Take ownership

With Bob, you will learn to take ownership of your career and financial future.

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence in your abilities to successfully take on the challenge of running a franchise.

Make Smart Decisions

Bob’s guidance will help you to make smart decisions and understand the full scope of your franchise opportunities.

Why work with Bob?

The challenges are real for individuals seeking an alternative to their corporate careers. Disliking your job, grappling with management frustrations, and teetering on the edge of burnout are all too common. The desire for more family time and the dream of building a legacy with autonomy and equity ownership drive your ambitions. However, the path forward often needs to be clearer, filled with conflicting information and hidden agendas. Starting can be daunting, and trust is hard to come by.
Bob will leverage his expertise to connect you with the ideal franchise opportunity, equipping you with crucial questions for your interactions with franchises and providing tips for confident self-presentation. He focuses on helping you discover and acquire semi-passive franchises, facilitating your gradual transition away from the corporate world while empowering you to seize the top financial opportunities in the franchise industry.

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it

I Couldn’t Have Done it Without Bob

“I was very impressed with the level of vetting and due diligence Bob put into every option he showed me. Because I was a first-time business buyer, I was grateful Bob was able to help me formulate the right questions to ask each franchise company.”

—Ali, Houston, TX

Bob’s Process is Excellent

“Bob was indispensable in finding the best franchise for me. He was critical from the initial conversation to guiding me through the whole process of purchasing my franchise.”

—Joe, Dallas, TX

Bob was Always on our Side

“Once we’d decided franchising was the way to go, Bob provided the logic and clarity to select and evaluate viable opportunities that offered a good competitive edge. Bob, I felt like you were on my side of the table throughout the process. Zero wasted time, too. Job well done.”

—Benjamin and Krissy, Malvern, PA

I Went From a Corporate Job to Business Owner with Bob’s Help

“Bob listened to our “wants” and presented us with relevant opportunities. He stayed in the loop with us through the discovery process and, ultimately, the final decision. I’d recommend Bob to my friends looking for a franchise venture.”

—MM, Birmingham, AL

Bob Offered a Wealth of Franchise Options

“If it was not for Bob, I would have never heard of any of the franchise opportunities I considered. Before I became a franchisee, I was an attorney. I will be recommending Bob because “I am sure I will be asked how I did it.”

—FD, Ocala, FL

Bob Saved us Months of Effort

“There are so many franchise opportunities out there and they are not all created equal. Bob saved us a great deal of time by coming up with a shortlist of around eight achievable concepts available in our market and that fit within our home-services framework.”

—Adam, South Carolina

Bob Helped us Narrow Down the Options

“We were interested in a franchise, but there are a vast number of options. Bob helped us narrow the options to a manageable list.

Bob’s process is very well put together. Communication, options and his contact network for allied services are solid.”

—Mario & Anexidalia, Temple/Killeen, TX

I Have Already Recommended Bob to My Friends!

“Bob was very easy to work with. I was interested in franchises but I had no idea where to start. Bob asked me a lot of questions and presented me with a wide range of concepts. He was a great guide and presented me with more options than I even knew were possible. Bob is continuing to help and advise me as I start my business. I have already recommended Bob to my friends. Thank you!”

—Patrick, St. Louis, MO

I Have Only Good Things to Say About Bob

“Bob took an extremely complicated and daunting process and simplified it for me. He analyzed my background and immediately connected me with all the right brands that matched my resources and experience to filter down to what interested me and would be successful down the road.”

—Drew, Central DFW, TX

Step 1

Conversation with Bob

In a quick 30-minute zoom call Bob will answer any questions you may have and explain how he
Read More

Step 2

Complete Our Confidential Questionnaire

It should take about 20 minutes and it provides
information necessary for Bob to best help you find Read More

Step 3

One-hour Consultation

You and Bob will dig deeper into the answers you provided in your confidential
Read More

Step 4

One-hour Brand Review

After your consultation, Bob will go to work on your behalf to identify franchises that will be Read More

Step 5

Ongoing coaching

Bob will provide coaching and guidance throughout the investigation of the franchises you
Read More

Step 1

Conversation with Bob

In a quick 30-minute zoom call Bob will answer any questions you may have and explain how he and his team can help you find the right franchise opportunity for you!

Step 2

Complete Our Confidential Questionnaire

It should take about 20 minutes and it provides
information necessary for Bob to best help you find the right franchise opportunity.

Step 3

One-hour Consultation

You and Bob will dig deeper into the answers you provided in your confidential questionnaire. Bob will answer your questions and help you determine the characteristics of the type of business along with the characteristics of the role you wish to play in a business.

Step 4

One-hour Brand Review

After your consultation, Bob will go to work on your behalf to identify franchises that will be ideal fits for you. Together you will determine which brands you want to investigate more deeply.

Step 5

Ongoing coaching

Bob will provide coaching and guidance throughout the investigation of the franchises you choose. Bob can also direct you toward franchise financing sources.

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I’m passionate about helping people achieve the greatest level of satisfaction and success by helping them find, finance and acquire their perfect franchise match… and become good friends in the process.
Owning the right franchise business is transformative. For many people, it means the difference between a mediocre existence and maximizing your earnings, growing your wealth, taking control of your life and being able to live the way you want.



Franchising Explained

What is a franchise?
A franchise company licenses separate businesses to use its proprietary operations, systems and procedures.

The owners of these smaller entities (franchisees) are contractually allowed to sell products and services under the franchisor’s name, business model, brand and trademark.

With around three-quarters of a million franchise establishments employing 7 million people and contributing approximately $670 billion to the U.S. economy, franchising is an important business sector.

Why do I need a franchise consultant?

There are more than 4,000 franchise brands in the U.S., and it is almost impossible to sift through them without the assistance of an experienced consultant who can provide guidance through both knowledge and industry data.

As one of the top franchise consultants at FranChoice, I have more than 35 years of experience in the field. Through FranChoice’s research and rigorous screening, I have access to a wealth of “insider” information on the industry simply not available to the public.

I work with the top 20 percent of franchise brands, and they include category leaders and strong emerging brands across all major industries.

My job as your franchise consultant is threefold:

1. Get you up to speed quickly on the franchising industry so you can make an informed decision.
2. Help you choose the business opportunity that meets your specific criteria and will give you the greatest potential earnings and return on investment.
3. Leverage my expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls unique to this type of business opportunity.
4. I can connect you with legal and financing resources specializing in franchising.

How much does it cost to use a franchise consultant?

You don’t pay for my services.

I get paid by the franchisor when you are awarded the franchise you want and close the contract.

It is a little like working with an executive recruiter. The hiring company compensates the recruiter for finding the perfect candidate.

There are two important things worth noting:

  • The franchise fee is the same whether you go it alone or leverage the expertise of a top franchise consultant like me.
  • I’m an independent consultant, so I work for you. I am not a broker or salesperson, nor do I have an allegiance with any franchisors.
How do I know if franchising is right for me?

That isn’t an easy question to answer without getting to know you a little but, rest assured, it is something we’ll go into in-depth when we start working together.

In the meantime, here are a few things to consider:

  • Buying a franchise means building your new business on a proven, ready-made concept with a tried and tested formula and an operations manual that tells you exactly what to do. If you are a wild card who enjoys experimentation, franchising may not be for you.
  • Franchisors want entrepreneurs with management skills rather than subject matter expertise. You don’t need to be a qualified CPA to buy a franchise offering tax and financial services.
  • Whether you want a business or to be involved in every detail, franchise opportunities exist to help you live that dream. Most of the people I work with are corporate executives looking to invest in a wealth-building business opportunity that needs minimal oversight.
What is a semi-absentee franchise?
Semi-absentee franchise models are designed to be run by a manager allowing the owner to invest 20 hours or less per week in the business. These business models come with the tools, infrastructure and protocols needed for them to function efficiently without you always being there.

This type of opportunity is ideal if you want to maintain your corporate job, become semi-retired, or leverage opportunities outside your franchise to build wealth.

What is the franchisee’s role in a franchise?

As the franchisee, you are the owner responsible for operating your business. And there are three franchise models to choose from.

Owner-Operator Franchises
As the name suggests, you would be involved in every aspect of the business and directly supervise everything from employees to quality control. This usually requires 40+ hours of owner involvement per week for the first year or two or until you have competent employees and processes. Then you can begin gradually reducing your time commitment.

Semi-Absentee Franchises
As a semi-absentee owner, you would operate your business on a part-time basis allowing you to maintain a corporate job or enjoy semi-retirement. Daily operations are in the hands of a manager with whom you would communicate regularly.

Most semi-absentee franchise models require five to 20 hours of the owner’s time per week.

Executive/Passive Franchises

Although these owners are involved in their business most days, they focus on performance and planning, leaving the front-line day-to-day operations in the hands of a manager and team.

Executive model franchises tend to be expensive, usually well over $1 million. The ROI is generally not as attractive as other models and there are far fewer of these types of franchises to choose from.

What kind of franchise businesses are available?
The U.S. economy has more than 4,000 franchise brands. Some of the most visible brands are in fast food, but you can find profitable franchise companies in just about every industry and sector, and many non-retail concepts don’t even need premises.

As a franchise consultant, I focus on the cream of the crop and show my clients business concepts that meet their criteria and offer them the best earnings and investment potential.

How much does it cost to buy a franchise?
The level of investment needed to buy a franchise varies widely depending on the brand and this is something we will discuss in great detail once I know what you are looking for in a franchise.

Most of my clients invest half a million dollars and expect a favorable return on that money.

In addition to the franchise fee, you need to consider the start-up costs, operating capital and royalty fees when planning your budget.

What are the hallmarks of the best franchise brands?
A good franchiser does all in its power to help you succeed. The best brands offer a turnkey system that includes everything you need to launch and ongoing support, training, proven processes and so much more.

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